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By Robert I. Rotberg

Deals a clear strategy to make a decision which states are deserving of robust coverage realization.

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Ben Ali’s Tunisia is a corrupt as well as a repressive state, now obligated institutionally to serve the ruling family and the Ben Ali regime and not, as in earlier times, some kind of postcolonial national destiny. In the new Tunisia, as in the old, elections and their results are manipulated. Indeed, the fact that many of the countries represented in this book hold elections constitutes no claim against their nondemocratic repressiveness. In all of the cases, elections are cosmetic. In a few less hypocritical examples, elections are no longer held because the supreme ruler has been designated “for life,” or because the regimes do not believe that the democratic practice of elections suits their needs.

Like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Lukashenko in Belarus has advanced the arts of soft and hard repression by terrorizing his own deputies and cabinet ministers, moving all government employees to short-term contracts, and blackmailing senior and junior officials. As in all authoritarian states, patronage is also essential in Belarus, for Lukashenko, like Mugabe, has made all major political and economic actors dependent on his own patrimonial largesse. There are no nonexecutive sources of autonomous economic power; gainful employment opportunities are in state hands, giving the regime and Lukashenko immense leverage on what remains a tightly regulated post-Soviet economy.

Explicitly measuring and labeling highly repressive states, and showing how they attack their own citizens, is the first step toward reform and the improved well-being of millions of the poorest and most abused peoples of the world. 01-7567-6 CH 1 36 6/21/07 12:09 PM Page 36 Robert I. Rotberg Notes 1. See Kofi Annan, “In Larger Freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All. htm. 2. ” Their data show that all gross repressors are rogues because such human rights violators inevitably breach world order norms.

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