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By Peggy Kahn

Instructs the reader within the acceptable instances for snuzzling a wuzzle, equivalent to on wet days, on sunny days, and at bedtime. On board pages.

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An analogy for this might be as follows: Child A lives on Planet Home. It is a nice place and very secure. , while often followed with a consequence, do not diminish his standing in the family unit. Child A is also very aware of all the rules, boundaries, and dynamics of Planet Home. And if things get too chaotic, going to a quiet place is usually an option. This same Child A, who functions so well on Planet Home, often appears to become less competent on Planet School. New authority figures, different rules, unfamiliar boundaries, new routines, time demands, and strangers (peers and teachers) can make school for children with educational insecurities a very frightening place.

Page 56 Learning Re-enabled • Teach your child to stand his ground. If something doesn’t sound right to him, he DOES NOT have to accept it without checking with you. He can always call you to ask you if something sounds or feels right. N o t e s • But if the IEP team writes it, they must do it. No alterations, changes, or modifications can be made by them without your prior knowledge and approval. • You have the right to question specific grades. • You have the right to a syllabus of each subject.

How was he after 6 weeks? After 3 months? After 6 months? Now? 4. What were the specific weaknesses that were initially observed (not included in recent IEP)? Page 61 Guidelines for Parents N o t e s 5. How and when were they resolved? 6. What methods did you use? (Be specific) 7. What is the current status? If you have your child in private school, you are still entitled to all of this information. You can request testing and services. ) Reading Math Language arts Science Intellectual Performance Task behaviors Time concepts (sequencing, getting work done on time) Task productions (following [repeated] verbal, written, and demonstrated directions) Task judgments (independent or relies on teacher or friends?

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