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By Prof. Martha K. Huggins, Mika Haritos-Fatouros, Philip G. Zimbardo

Of the twenty-three Brazilian policemen interviewed intensive for this landmark learn, fourteen have been direct perpetrators of torture and homicide in the course of the 3 many years that incorporated the 1964-1985 army regime. those "violence employees" and the opposite crew of "atrocity facilitators" who had now not, or claimed that they had no longer, participated without delay within the violence, support solution questions that hang-out brand new global: Why and the way are traditional males remodeled into country torturers and murderers? How do atrocity perpetrators clarify and justify their violence? what's the effect in their murderous deeds-on them, on their sufferers, and on society? What thoughts in their atrocities do they admit and which turn into public historical past? 6 b/w pictures, four tables

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We argue that restricting the study of atrocity to this traditional binary division may limit research primarily to these two complementary yet narrowly deWned statuses. In the process, traditional victims are often atomized, individualized, and rendered passive, while traditional perpetrators—a limited “other” status over and against the victim—are overly empowered. Such perpetrators are seen as qualitatively and morally distinct from victims—and as uniquely and perhaps inherently evil. Seen to be motivated largely by internal psychological and biological factors, the sadistic out-of-control torturer or emotionless executioner is branded a monster.

Using his cover to promote his own career, Eduardo studied law while investigating student groups. ’ ” This took a serious toll on his law studies, but Eduardo is proud that he was always ready to serve. For having rendered such loyal service to DOPS intelligence, Eduardo was transferred in the early 1970s to an important city. At the university there, while continuing his police work on student organizations, Eduardo resumed law studies. He Wnally earned his law degree after almost a decade of mixing intelligence missions with academic study.

Finally, suspecting that those who did not identify strongly with their police organization might talk more openly about violence, we sought LO C AT I N G T O RT U R E RS A N D M U R D E R E RS 31 interviews at a special section of a Rio de Janeiro prison for convicted militarized and civil police—although its roughly two hundred and Wfty inmates very seldom had been incarcerated for having tortured or murdered during the military period. Nevertheless, our assumption (whether accurate or not—see the following section) was that being in prison, these police might feel that they had little to lose by speaking about the violence they had committed.

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