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Download e-book for kindle: Under the bus how working women are being run over by Caroline Fredrickson

By Caroline Fredrickson

Most americans imagine that our state has performed quite a bit to guard ladies and confirm gender fairness within the place of work. in the end, we've got banned discrimination opposed to ladies, required equivalent pay for equivalent paintings, and followed family-leave laws. however the truth is that we've got a two-tiered method, the place a few operating ladies have a whole panoply of rights whereas others have few or none in any respect. We let blatant discrimination by way of small employers. family staff are minimize out of our salary and additional time legislation. Part-time staff, disproportionately girls, are denied simple merits. legislation are written via a technique of compromise and negotiation, and in each one case weak staff have been the bargaining chip that was once sacrificed to assure the policy's enactment. For those staff, the procedure that used to be purported to act as a security internet has develop into a sieve—and they're nonetheless falling through.

Caroline Fredrickson is a robust recommend and D.C. insider who has witnessed the legislative compromises that miss temps, farmworkers, staff of small companies, immigrants, and different staff who fall outdoor an deliberately slim definition of "employees." the ladies during this fast-growing a part of the group are denied minimal salary, maternity go away, overall healthiness care, the fitting to unionize, and safety from harassment and discrimination—all in the bounds of the legislations. If present tendencies proceed, their destiny would be the way forward for all American workers.

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So many successful black entrepreneurs in the 1960s waiting eagerly to discriminate against Poles. And just like the legislators who pushed through the New THE TEST OF OUR PROGRESS 39 Deal exclusions, those senators and House members who pushed for a carve out for larger companies in Title VII, which outlaws discrimination in employment, were southerners and segregationists. 62 Opposing the size limit, one senator stripped the mask off the ugly face of racism behind the amendment, saying that this is a moral issue as well as a great legal issue.

25 In a colloquy discussing an early draft of the Social Security Act, which at this point still covered all workers, Representative THE TEST OF OUR PROGRESS 29 Howard Smith of Virginia alluded to how domestic and agricultural workers could be excised without violating the Fourteenth Amendment, which requires equal protection under the law: “It just so happens, that that race is in our state very much of the laboring class and farm laboring class. ” Smith and his southern colleagues abandoned their efforts to use explicit racial exclusions in favor of the fig leaf of occupational carve-outs, where they found success.

Even the most generous lawyers rarely take cases for which they don’t get paid and that cost them a lot of money to litigate. That’s the whole reason for the class action—without it, low-wage workers, consumers, and others who suffer small losses individually but whose losses are large in the aggregate can never bring wrongdoers to justice. And, increasingly, employees are being forced to sign away their right to sue—even as an individual—for discrimination, lower pay, or other unfair treatment.

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