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By Heather Scott

Realize extra concerning the lifetime of Cad Bane and the interesting heritage of the band of determined bounty hunters and lethal assassins he leads in Star Wars Clone Wars Reader: watch out for Bounty Hunters!

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Capabilities that adults enjoy are deeply conditional on their experience as children”. Furthermore, deprivation of basic capabilities during childhood not only reduces the well-being of those suffering from them, but may have larger societal implications (Klasen, 2001). However, children are much more than future adults as they are already social actors before they become adults: more attention should be dedicated to the understanding of children’s well-being for children themselves, rather than projecting them to future outcomes.

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Qizilbash, M. and Alkire, S. (eds) (2008), The Capability Approach: Concepts, Measures and Applications, CUP, Cambridge. 20 Introduction and Theoretical Perspectives on Children and the CA Deneulin, S. ) (2009), An Introduction to the Human Development and Capability Approach: Freedom and Agency, Earthscan, London. Di Tommaso, M. L. (2003), “How to Measure Children’s Well-being Using a Capability Approach? An Application to Indian Data through a Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes Model”, paper presented at the 3rd HDCA Conference, 7–9 September 2003, Pavia University.

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