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Wendy Wax's Meet Leatherhead PDF

By Wendy Wax

The turtles get a major shock after they meet Leatherhead, a mutated crocodile who used to be unintentionally uncovered to the Utrom's eco-friendly ooze. because the Turtles take heed to Leatherhead's tale, they get one other shock while an outdated enemy emerges from the shadows.

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Less well understood has been the relevance of this model to the issue of ‘social exclusion’, the focus of extensive government effort since 1997 (Jack, 2000; Ghate & Hazel, 2002; Spencer & Baldwin, 2005). Acceptance of an ecological model, within which various other theories can sit quite comfortably, does not absolve us of a responsibility to consider the weight which we give to the various factors which contribute to serious child neglect. It is useless to see the problems in isolation, whether they be poverty, immature dysfunctional parenting or environmental stress.

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