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New PDF release: L'Anarchia: Il nostro programma

By Errico Malatesta

Cambiate l’opinione, convincete il pubblico che il governo non solo non è necessario, ma è estremamente dannoso, ed allora l. a. parola anarchia, appunto perché significa assenza di governo, vorrà dire in line with tutti: ordine naturale, armonia dei bisogni e degl’interessi di tutti, libertà completa nella completa solidarietà.

Errico Malatesta (1853–1932), anarchico, internazionalista e antimilitarista, fu tra i più importanti teorici europei dell’anarchismo, assieme — fra gli altri — a Bakunin, Kropotkin e Proudhon. Fu chiamato il “Lenin d’Italia”, anche se egli rigettò sempre ogni leaderismo, in line with los angeles propria capacità di tessere reti internazionali di lotta politica e in step with il grande impegno profuso nella realizzazione di una Rivoluzione anarchica. Visse in molte città del mondo, morì in sordina nell’isolamento culturale imposto dall’oppressione del Regime fascista e dall’oblio politico del Partito comunista. Spese i propri giorni realizzando una Rivoluzione senza capi.

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144 A CAA rally earlier that day had attracted ¤ve thousand people and collected thousands of dollars for the same cause. Like the CAA, AFSAR organized a letter-writing campaign to the United Nations asking the organization to allow South African academic Z. K. Matthews to address it. A reply came from Charles E. ”145 Allen made it clear that the United States would oppose the petition, saying that the function of the UN was to reconcile judgments and policies of governments, not to function as a fact-¤nding agency.

32 South Africa was singled out for particular criticism because apartheid was seen as an extreme form of settler colonialism. During the conference, African leaders called for international sanctions against South Africa and announced their determination to overthrow the racist regime. Anti-apartheid organizations answered the All Africa Peoples Congress’s suggestion that the world observe 15 April as Africa Freedom Day until all African countries were independent. 33 Tom Mboya, of Kenya, was invited to make a major address, as was Governor G.

123 Director J. S. by stimulating consciousness of Africa and showing the Negro people are of African nationality. It is the purpose of the CAA to attempt to divorce the American Negroes from the American way of life and to stimulate consciousness of Africa. ” In 1950, the organization was ordered to submit its membership records to the federal government under the Internal Security (McCarran) Act,127 which required communists and “Communist-front” organizations to register as foreign agents or be prosecuted.

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