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Islamic Philosophy of Religion: Synthesis of Science by Jaferhusein I. Laliwala PDF

By Jaferhusein I. Laliwala

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The n. however. unusual and abnormal must now be regarded by a Muslim as a perfectly natura] exper1ence. open to critical scrutiny like other aspects of human experlence. ThJs Is clear from the Prophet's own atutud e towards Ibn Sayyad's psychic experlences. The function of sufism In Islam has been to systematise mystic ClIpulence: though It must be admitted that Ibn KhaJdun was the only Muslim who approached • Islamic P/lil~hy cif Rz/igian It In a thoroughly sclenUfic spirit. 'But Inner experience Is only one $Ource of human knowledge.

In Islam • Diffrrml Types of Rroelalian as Mrntioned in Qllran " prophecy reaches Its perfection In dlscovertng the need of Its own abolition. ThJs Involves the keen perception that life cannot for ever be ke pt In lead[ng strings: that In order to achieve full self-consciousness man must finally be: thrown back on hiS own resources. The aboUtion of prtesthood and hereditary kingship In Islam. the constant appeal to reailon and expertence In the Qur'an. and the emphasis that It lays on Nature and Hlstoty as sources of human knowledge, are all different aspects of the same Idea of final[ty.

Poetry. oratory, and Judldal astrology formed the favourite objects of pUflIult among the pre-IslamIc Arabs. sc:ssed no votaries. But the words of the Prophet gave a new Impulse to the awakened energtes of the race. Even WithIn his Ilfetlme was formed the nucleus of an educational Institution, which In after yean grew Into unlversltlc:s at Bagdad and Salerno. at CaIro and Cordova. lie:re preached the: Master himself on the: culttvaUDn of a h oly spint: 'One: hours meditation on the work of the: Islamic Phi/~hy ofRtligkm Creator [in a devout splr1tl Is betler than seventy years of prayer.

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