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dited by David L. Sills's International encyclopedia of the social sciences volume 9 PDF

By dited by David L. Sills

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Here he was frustrated; his grand design was to develop a theory of how the brain works in perception and learning. Having held earlier that other simple theories were untenable, he now turned to various forms of field theory. Many of his experiments and, particularly, his later papers were concerned with tests of such theories. In the end he felt he had succeeded only in exploding the theories proposed but not in devising one that would satisfactorily stand the test of experiment. He had to be content with the thought that he and his generation had only laid the groundwork for building a good theory at a later date.

P- 180). Work on brain function. Lashley's most productive phase was launched in his work with Franz. At first he merely took for granted the connectionism of Watsonian behaviorism and looked for the neural basis of the connections. This, however, proved elusive, for in study after study in the 1920s he obtained data suggesting a field theory rather than a connectionist theory of brain function. 29 Lashley's reasoning and his findings in these studies should be briefly summarized. Connectionist theory holds that complex behavior is made up of conditioned reflexes, each forming a connection through the conditioning process.

A paperback edition was published in 1958 by Grosset and Dunlap. 1943 Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time. New York: Viking; London; Allen & Unwin. 1944 Faith, Reason, and Civilization: An Essay in Historical Analysis. New York: Viking. 1948 The American Democracy: A Commentary and an Interpretation. New York: Viking. (1949) 1950 Trade Unions in the New Society. London: Allen & Unwin. (1951) 1962 Reflections on the Constitution: The House of Commons, the Cabinet [and] the Civil Service.

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