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Civil Rights Liberties

David L. Sills (ed.)'s International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Volume 5 PDF

By David L. Sills (ed.)

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This is often a massive booklet that reconceptualizes the character of contemporary politics. the normal interpretation privileges the production of an American team spirit that resulted from the earliest trials of the chilly battle and gave upward thrust to a selected model of yankee exceptionalism. That exceptionalism combined civil faith, affluence, and center values to create the consensus of a latest the United States as mirrored within the post-Cold struggle period.

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The specific rewards used t attract potential recruits to elite positions depem on the social definition of scarce and desirabl values and the distribution of these values. Rewards play a twofold role in the recruitmer of elites: they motivate individuals to assume th responsibilities of elite positions, and they mail tain the high value placed on these positions. The thus serve as inducements to individuals, as we as indicators of rank. Rewards, too, have become specialized in mo ern industrial societies.

Univ. Press. DREITZEL, HANS P. 1962 Elitebegriff und Sozialstruktur: Eine soziologische Begriffsanalyse. Stuttgart (Germany): Enke. FAINSOD, MERLE (1953) 1963 How Russia Is Ruled. Rev. ed. Russian Research Center Studies No. 11. : Harvard Univ. Press. GUTTSMAN, WILHELM L. 1963 The British Political Elite. London: MacGibbon & Kee. ELLIS, HAVELOCK Havelock Ellis was born on February 2, 1859, in Croydon, England, the son of an English sea captain, Edward Peppen Ellis. His mother, Susannah Wheatley Ellis, was a highly energetic and vivacious woman.

The mood may be a mild feeling of tiredness or sadness. In psychopathic states a depression may become a profound apathy with psychotic disregard for reality and with suicidal tendencies. Moods and emotions cannot be sharply distinguished; any line of distinction is arbitrary. "Emotion" is a substantive term; the adjective "emotional" would better characterize the process. Emotional activities are commonly contrasted with 36 EMOTION rational, intellectual, or even mental processes, as well as with motivational processes.

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