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By David Louis Cingranelli (eds.)

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Download PDF by Wendy L. Wall: Inventing the "American Way": The Politics of Consensus from

This can be a major publication that reconceptualizes the character of recent politics. the conventional interpretation privileges the production of an American team spirit that resulted from the earliest trials of the chilly warfare and gave upward thrust to a selected model of yankee exceptionalism. That exceptionalism combined civil faith, affluence, and center values to create the consensus of a latest the United States as mirrored within the post-Cold warfare period.

Download e-book for kindle: Loud Hawk: the United States versus the American Indian by Kenneth S. Stern

Loud Hawk: the USA as opposed to the yankee Indian circulation is the tale of a felony case that started with the arrest of six participants of the yankee Indian move in Portland, Oregon, in 1975. The case didn't finish until eventually 1988, after 13 years of pretrial litigaion. It stands because the longest pretrial case in U.

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When comparing the punishments of 'civilized' and 'savage' peoples, one finds, says Westermarck, that 'Wanton cruelty is not a general characteristic of their [savage] public justice' (Vol. I, p. 188). He notes that among several 'uncivilized' peoples capital punishment is unknown or almost so (Vol. I, p. 189). To support this claim, he presents ethnographic materials on a number of cultures. If anyone has violated lex talionis, it is the 'civilized' peoples: 'We find that among various semi-civilized and civilized peoples the criminal law has assumed a severity which far surpasses the rigour of the lex talionis' (Vol.

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