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Choh Hao Li's Growth Hormone and Related Proteins PDF

By Choh Hao Li

Hormonal Proteins and Peptides, quantity IV: development Hormone and comparable Proteins offers with numerous points of somatotropin or progress hormone, and its similar proteins.

This publication starts off by means of discussing the bioassay tools for somatotropin, by way of a overview of the in vitro lipolytic activities of the hormone. The chemistry of human chorionic somatomammotropin (HCS) and human somatotropin (HGH) are in comparison and deliberated intimately. This ebook concludes with an research of the keep an eye on of prolactin secretion, together with an account of the improvement of the hypophysectomy method within the rat and impression of hypophysectomy on a number of physically capabilities in experimental animals.

This quantity is an efficient reference for endocrinologists, clinical practitioners, and researchers accomplishing paintings on development hormones.

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Although there are no actual assay p r o c e d u r e s based upon the effect of growth h o r m o n e on the plasma level of nonesterified fatty acids, this effect would a p p e a r to be of great value in ascertaining whether or not a given growth hormone preparation may be active in m a n . Raben and Hollenberg (1959, 1960) h a v e reported on studies involving the d o g and the h u m a n , in which growth h o r m o n e preparations of b o v i n e , porcine, simian, and h u m a n origin w e r e used.

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