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This is often no usual Nutcracker! This time, it's Fritz's tale. the conventional Nutcracker story will get grew to become on its head during this rollicking Christmas experience, according to the hit musical A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas by means of the preferred relations track rock superstar Ralph Covert and playwright G. Riley generators.

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There, a cloud of now I'll little take off the papers and you'll see down the ringlets," said Jo, putting tongs. She did take off the papers, but no cloud of ringlets appeared, for the hair came with the papers, and the horrified hair-dresser laid a row of little scorched bundles on the bureau before her victim. " Oh, oh, oh! what have you done? I'm spoilt! " wailed Meg, lookgo my hair, oh my hair ing with despair at the uneven frizzle on her forehead. "Just my luck you shouldn't have asked me to do it I always spoil everything.

Laurence, but says he's very ! proud, and don't like to mix with his neighbors. He keeps his grandson shut up when he isn't riding or and makes him study dreadful to our party, but he didn't Mother says he's very nice, though he never walking with hard. come. " " Our cat ran away once, and he brought her back, and we talked over the fence, and were getting on capitally, all about cricket, and so on, when he saw Meg coming, and walked off. I mean to know him some day, for he needs fun, I'm sure he does," said Jo, decidedly.

Apart, A gloomy wood," according to was represented by a few shrubs " the one play-bill, in pots, a green baize on the floor, and a cave in the distance. cave was made with a clothes-horse for a bureaus for walls ; and in it This roof, was a small furnace with a black pot on in and an old witch bending over it. The stage was dark, and the glow of the furnace had a fine effect, especially as real steam issued from the kettle when the witch took ofF full blast, A moment was the cover. it, allowed for the first thrill then Hugo, the villain, stalked in with a clanking sword at his side, a slouched hat, black beard, mysterious cloak, and the boots.

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