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This can be no usual Nutcracker! This time, it's Fritz's tale. the normal Nutcracker story will get became on its head during this rollicking Christmas event, in line with the hit musical A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas by means of the preferred relatives song rock big name Ralph Covert and playwright G. Riley turbines.

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However,thereis a small,dark niche on the opposrtesid€of the tunnel,whereevenDark Elves may not be able to seeyou If you decideto hide in here, tum to 3r1. Il you woLid prefer to stand and facethe DarkElves,lum lo u87 ro3 A long corridor runs from here and it has just one exrt:a closeddoor at the oLherend-When you walk down the corridor,you are relieved[o see thal this door has a handle,so you open it and walk through And then you slop - lhe room is full of Dark Elves, ard they are elite wadiors, all wearing Lhe same type of amour as the guard For a few secondsyou hesitaleto ldke dny dclronat all thi.

If you stand your ground,they will begin to advanceon you Will you make some sign of friendshipand say who you are (turn to r2t), draw your bow and loosean arrow at one of them (tum to 88),or draw your sword and wait for them to reachyou (turn to zo7)? r6 As you get deeperinto the mouniaiDthe bright liSht of day is replacedby an eerieyellow glow from the slream,makingthe siilactiLescasLsLrange shadowson lhe c€iling Somebimes Lheyeven look as f they are moving. After you have beenwalking for about half an hour, you becomeconvincedfhat some of the stalactites reallyaremoving You look up.

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