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Download e-book for kindle: Being a Roman Citizen by Jane F. Gardner

By Jane F. Gardner

Jane Gardner's research of Roman legislation is particularly aimed at an viewers of Roman historians. in addition to felony texts and literary resources, Gardner uses epigraphic fabric, together with fresh unearths from Popleii which show the criminal method in motion within the advertisement lifetime of Puteoli.

Gardner extra notes the most obvious disparity of felony rights and tasks between electorate of the empire: girls, ex-slaves, adults with dwelling fathers, convicted criminals, play-actors--even the blind, deaf, dumb and the mentally unwell. Gardner examines intimately every one group's specific criminal disabilities in addition to the influence those regulations had on their day-by-day lifestyles. She additionally considers how those felony iniquities on the topic of the distinctively Roman establishment of patria potestas, and to the duty of direct participation which used to be a felony requirement for many transactions.

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The two Sulpicii whose names occur most frequently are C. Sulpicius Cinnamus (AD 43 to 55). 151) and also in an unpublished tablet as his patron (Camodeca 1985– 6:20). The absence of filiation in Faustus’ name, as in that of Cinnamus and most of the other persons named in the tablets, may indicate that he too was a freedman. An inscription from Cumae (Eph. Epigr. VIII. Sulpicius Onirus as sons of freedmen, but we cannot be certain that these are the same as the persons named in the tablets. The tablets stretch over a period of at least thirty-five years, so more than one generation is involved.

124 the same term is applied to Faustus and also to another man. However, Camodeca (1983–4:17) and Bove (1984a: Appendix 1) read maior in the latter text. ) found in the inscription from Cumae alongside a C. Sulpicius Onirus, a name otherwise attested on the tablets in AD 61 (see below). It raises also the possibility that the ‘Faustus’ named in the tablets is sometimes the elder, sometimes the younger. It would be tempting, but speculative, to see in Onirus also a son of Faustus the elder. Sulpicio Fausto Mercato[ri].

Patrons, denied by Rutilius’ edict the possibility of forcing freedmen to render them unlimited officia in the way of general dogsbodying, or attendance of the traditional statusboosting type, such as attendance at the morning levée (salutatio), escort in public (comitatus), and so on, will have begun to contract for them as well; it is likely that the other type, contracts for an agreed number of days’ work at a specific trade, had already begun commonly to form part of manumission agreements.

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