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By Extraterestials

The messages contained during this booklet are provided for the continuing realisation of who and what every one person really is. The recognition altering details each one quantity includes brings forth the knowledge that humanity on the planet is, actually, an entire and holy knowledge. From the worldwide myriad of trust platforms arises a unmarried photograph that represents a composite understanding. This totality of inspiration creates the truth of the human event. loads of attempt is now targeted with the purpose of influencing how the person and the entire worldwide wisdom understand the human adventure.

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It is by moving through situations rather than resisting them or ignoring them that experience becomes wisdom. If experience is denied, then the opportunity to gain wisdom is lost. The knowledge of the history of humanity’s birth into self-aware beings, the addition of other families of humans to the mix and the constant interference and prevention of evolvement by the controllers have contributed to the confusion and frustration of those of you who are present now. Without the understanding of who and what you are, there is little hope for change.

It is totally possible to attain the full active status of the human potentiality, but it indeed will require assistance. This assistance, as has been stated before in these lessons, can be made available after a sufficient number of humans on this planet accept the fact that their help must first come from within their own decision process. It is a prerequisite that there must be acceptance that their only rescue is to be found in their own inner resources. Only after this realization may they ask for help from their galactic brothers and sisters.

As brought forth within the prior discussion, the laws that allow for potentiality to express into manifested reality so that knowledge can be experienced into wisdom and progress provide the basis for this process. The basic law, is the law of attraction. Thus, mankind on planet earth has been influenced from the beginning to maintain the understanding that knowledge and wisdom come from those of greater and superior knowledge and wisdom. Further that this knowledge and wisdom is given out to them through adoration and worship of those holding this superior understanding.

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