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Battlefield America: The War on the American People by John W. Whitehead PDF

By John W. Whitehead

Police forces around the usa were reworked into extensions of the army. Our cities and towns became battlefields, and we the yankee individuals are now the enemy warring parties to be spied on, tracked, frisked, and searched. in the event you face up to, the implications could be a one-way journey to prison, or maybe loss of life. Battlefield the US: The warfare at the American humans is constitutional legal professional John W. Whitehead’s terrifying portrait of a country at conflict with itself. In trade for secure faculties and reduce crime charges, we have now opened the doorways to militarized police, 0 tolerance guidelines in colleges, and SWAT group raids. The insidious shift was once so sophisticated that the majority people had no concept it used to be taking place. This follow-up to Whitehead’s award-winning a central authority of Wolves, is a brutal critique of an the US at the verge of destroying the very freedoms that outline it. arms up!—the police kingdom has arrived.

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5 Fixing the Unfixable What is most striking about the American police state is not the megacorporations running amok in the halls of Congress, the militarized police crashing through doors and shooting unarmed citizens, or the invasive surveillance regime which has come to dominate every aspect of our lives. No, what has been most disconcerting about the emergence of the American police state is the extent to which the citizenry appears content to passively wait for someone else to solve the nation’s many problems.

Abuse of administrative power--United States. 4. Police--United States. I. Title. ”1 —GEORGE ORWELL “Everything in our background has prepared us to know and resist a prison when the gates begin to close around us.... But what if there are no cries of anguish to be heard? Who is prepared to take arms against a sea of amusements? To whom do we complain, and when, and in what tone of voice, when serious discourse dissolves into giggles? ”2 —NEIL POSTMAN AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH: PUBLIC DISCOURSE IN THE AGE OF SHOW BUSINESS Also by John W.

Source: California Highway Patrol) Moreover, whether you’re talking about police shootings of unarmed individuals, NSA surveillance, drones taking to the skies domestically, SWAT team raids, or roadside strip searches, they’re all part of a totalitarian continuum—the mile markers on this common road we’re traveling towards the police state. ” What remains to be seen is whether we can put the brakes on and safely reverse direction before it’s too late to turn back. CHAPTER 6 Fascism American Style “I am afraid of those who proclaim that it can’t happen here.

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