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Balkan Worlds: The First and Last Europe by Traian Stoianovich PDF

By Traian Stoianovich

Encompassing the interval from the Neolithic period to the afflicted current, this booklet reviews the peoples, societies and cultures of the realm located among the Adriatic Sea within the west and the Black Sea within the east, among the Alpine zone and Danube basin within the north and the Aegean Sea within the south. this isn't a traditional heritage of the Balkans. Drawing upon archaeology, anthropology, economics, psychology and linguistics in addition to background, the writer has tried a "total background" that integrates as many as attainable of the avenues and different types of the Balkan adventure.

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Vrsnik sprangup near theBregalnica;Vinca, Starcevo,Klieevac, and Zuto Brdo, near the confluence of the Danube and the Sava or the Danube and the Morava; Gornja Tuzla, near the two Tuzla rivers. Archaeologistshave appropriately namedseveralnetworksof culturer-Koros(Cri§), Tisza, and Maros (Mure§)-after rivers. After an initial existenceas food gatherersaroundlakes,marshes,and rivers, the people of Nea Nikomedeia,Sesklo, Vrsnik, Starcevo,and Tuzla learnedto domesticateboth plants and animals. According to Robert J.

35 Both waterand fire purify. Water, however,is neededfor life. The practiceof a "processionround" a community or holy place with the aim of achieving a desiredgoal, known to the ancientGreeksasperperia, was associatedlater with the specific end of obtaining rain. In Epirus, Thessaly, and Macedonia, aboy or girl strippednakedand dressedin wreathsand festoonsofleafagewas escortedfrom houseto houseby a group of children who dancedand sangan invocation: Perperiaall fresh bedewed, Freshenall the neighbourhood; By the woods,on the highway, EARTH CULTURE 13 As thou goest,to God now pray: o my God, upon the plain, Sendthou us a still, small rain; That the fields may fruitful be, And vines in blossomwe may see; That the grain be full and sound, And wealthy grow the folks around.

Drought continuing until June 1714 caused wheat prices to soar.

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